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Paiboc free essay sample

With the explosion of the Internet came the explosion of the communication medium of the website. Although no longer a new concept, it is constantly evolving as new forms of communication are explored and placing your business in the foreground with an easy to navigate and overall informative website is imperative to capturing your target audience. Throughout this essay the website for the global engineering, architecture and environmental consulting company GHD Australia with be reviewed. One of the main purposes of the GHD website is to provide up to date and informative information on the company to current and prospective clients of what the company’s main purpose is and the diverse business’s it is involved in. It clearly advises the reader that it is primarily a consulting firm across a number of disciplines such as engineering, architects, environmental scientists that serves clients across numerous businesses such as property, water and energy and resources. We will write a custom essay sample on Paiboc or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Another purpose of the website is to give a history of the company and its success stories to build a rapport with the reader and give a human story to the face of the company and make potential customers feel comfortable that the company knows what it is doing. The third purpose it to provide easy detailed information on the current services, projects and also locations of face-to-face company contact, this is done through the ease of use of interactive drop down menus and mouse hover functions(Slevin, 2000). Understanding the audience is central to the success of communicating successfully Locker Kaczmorek(2010). For the website to be successful GHD have had to understand the need of their audience and what their expectations of the company are and what their organization is looking for(Castells, 2002). The main audience of GHD would be, however not strictly limited to, companies, government bodies looking for external consulting for projects relative to large engineering projects, architecture and water projects. It is targeted to their target audience in that it is industry relative and the people visiting the website would have a very clear idea in their mind of what type of service they are looking for and the website allows them to quickly discover if the service they are looking for is offered by GHD. GHD have created their website in hope of offering an informative first point of call for prospective clients and they want to show they are a large established company with resources to offer clients. The information you project to your target audience is integral in whether your communication tool will be a success Locker Kaczmorek(2010). The website should be informative and should convey a message of confidence of a successful company experience in what they do. With their vision â€Å"At GHD, we think beyond tomorrow to anticipate challenges†, it informs the audience that they are a forward thinking company with successful projects under their belt and can look to the future for your company. They have created an informative interactive website, giving as much information as possible on the services scopes the companies covers, the current projects the company is involved in and current markets they are involved. This is done through the effective use of an A-Z dropdown list of services to capture the audience’s attention to allow the audience to easily navigate to decide if the services GHD offer are what they are looking for allowing for successful client interaction as opposed to pure information giving, allowing the website to serve the audience better(Slevin, 2000). The website aims to offer benefits to the client to help to successfully deliver its intended message Locker Kaczmorek(2010). The benefits the website gives are superior service and support to the prospective client. It gives them options of the services they require and the way that they can obtain them. It is a visual overview of what GHD offers and gives limited benefits to draw the reader in and wants them wanting to learn more about the company and possibly add a face-to-face value to their experience. The benefits of the website are the prospective client can gain an overall view of the GHD business as a whole and they can decide if it is suited to their needs. The websites gives the industries currently served and the services offered to them. It also backs up its claims of success with research and insights into the business world that show their success and understanding that they could apply to your business. It uses a clean, bright easy to use interface coupled with easy navigation to achieve an optimum result to gain as described by Lyndsay Sharp(2002) a positive website experience. As will all communication media certain objections will be delivered by the audience and the website must work to overcome theses Locker Kaczmorek(2010). The obvious objections to the services offered and the overall would be is this right for my business or is the services offered by GHD what I am looking for. If you were a small or medium business looking at this website you would be thinking if this is right for you as the website is aimed towards and is informing about large business or multination corporations that require specialist consultancy for large products. For large corporations I don’t believe there would be many objections on their first review of the website and I believe they would go beyond the website and contact the company for more information to establish if an exact fit for the needs was offered by GHD. GHD’s website uses effective further communication offering techniques(Sharp, 2002) such as full list of locations and also full contact details, so companies can place a human value on their initial interactions with GHD. The understanding of the site can be influenced by the context the audience is viewing the website from Locker Kaczmorek(2010). GHD has created a website that is aimed at an audience that it assumes would have some background understanding of the company. The company appears well represented around the world and specifically locally it has a presence in the local media as the consultancy firm on high exposure projects that are in the public eye for high profile client such as the Brisbane city council and the Australian Government. The audience visiting this website are given a list of the services of the company, but then also given numerous examples f real high profile successful projects the company is and has been involved in. GHD does this in the hope of placing their worded information into a real world perceivable context for prospective clients to see them at work and how they can work for them. This method is a successful tool used in website design to use information based strategies with interpersonal communication for high-involvement consumers for successful communication of the website message(M cMiilan, Hwang and Lee, 2003). GHD being a successful global consultancy firm, have aimed to project this success to their website audience(potential clients) and gain their trust in their in the hope of the client obtaining and using their services. They have created a functional, easy to navigate website, that is both informative and interactive and backs up their claims of success with a real human touch of past and current project successes. It allows the consumer to get an overview of the company and make an informed decision of whether the services offered by GHD is what they are looking for and giving the option of further face to face contact to aid their decision.

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