Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Aaron Martinez Essays - International Relations, Global Politics

Aaron Martinez History 1302 Professor Fitz-Gerald 4/5/2017 History Common Assignment In American Horizons, before the Versailles Treaty was ratified, 39 senators demanded that the League of Nations recognize that the Monroe Doctrine gave the United States preeminence in the Western Hemisphere (pg. 747). Henry Cabolt Lodge argues that article 10 of the league Covenant unfairly restricted America's freedom of action (pg. 474). Wilson rejected all criticism of the treaty stating that reopening negotiations would make things worse and it could be solved once the League of Nations began operating. In the two documents speeches Wilson and Henry both state and explain about their position about the Treaty of Versailles. In document one it talks about Henry Cabolt Lodge and his reasons why America should really reconsider about signing the Treaty of Versailles. Henry believes that before a twelvemonth pass after signing the league there would be serious damage (document 1). Henry also states that the construction of the article is not what makes up a treaty, or a law, but more of an argument with statements (document 1). In my opinion Henry sounded like he knows what needs to be done. In Woodrow Wilson's advocacy compared to Henry Cabolt Lodge, Wilson goes in much detail about his experience and how the signing the treaty would be effective. Whereas Henry states the problem and is straightforward with valid explanation and outcomes. If I were to be a senator, I would not be convinced to Wilson's position, because he's okay with the Monroe doctrine being abandon and extended it to all the world. What I think is the proper role of the United States is Americans have to be remain involved, but not over involved in world affairs. What I think that means is there are certain things we need to do, because if we don't do them it will cause chaos. For example, one of them is to maintain the overall balance of power. That means that American military power remains very important stability. In countries like Europe and Asia with oil supplies. In conclusion, after reading both documents and seeing what both Wilson and Henry thought was right for the senator to do. I strongly go with Henry, because he was right about how we shouldn't allow for other countries to have the right to take part in the settlement of all American questions.

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